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Where We Put Your Health First

At Winston’s Compounding Pharmacy, we aren’t in the business of filling prescriptions and sending you on your way. We care about helping you achieve your health goals, through customized solutions. This is done through offering a variety of services, including custom compounding. The pharmacist and your doctor will work with your unique needs to tailor your medication suitably. Call us today at (713) 944-6000 to find out how we can help you!

Our patient services include:

We understand that every person is unique and therefore has their own personal needs, so it doesn’t make sense for everyone to be taking the exact same medications. Compounded medications are made from scratch, rather than filled from a bottle of the same medicine, which is then handed out to anyone with a prescription. We have an extensive understanding of the way medications work, and know that people experience the effects of medications differently.

How are we different from other pharmacies?

At Winston’s Compounding Pharmacy, we work with the doctor to solve patients’ problems, ensuring that you get the greatest benefit from your medication. This is done by figuring out how the medication can fit your needs to achieve the desired effect. There are many variations that are possible, such as needing an alternative medication or different dosage than what was first prescribed.

The unique aspects of our pharmacy include:

  • Free delivery of prescriptions
  • Free pharmacy counseling
  • Price match prescriptions
  • Free transfer of prescriptions
  • Match Wal-Mart’s $5.00 generic pricing
  • We accept Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and most major insurances

We truly care about you getting the best possible results, and work to provide you with the best possible services. By us looking out for your well-being, you can rest assured that our medications will be prepared to suit your personal needs. Contact us at (713) 944-6000 today and set up an appointment to discuss your medications!

Watch our video about custom compounding services we offer.

What We Offer

  • Customized Medications
  • Free Delivery of Prescriptions
  • Free Pharmacy Counseling
  • Price Match Prescriptions
  • Free Transfer of Prescriptions
  • Full Retail Pharmacy/Compounding and Medical Supplies